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HOW TO Stream Popcorn Time movies to your TV, Play

Popcorn Time – Watch movies and TV-shows instantly

Popcorn Time and its clones are free and simple to use applications for watching movies and TV-shows in great quality. The variety is enormous – Much better than what you find on Netflix, HBO etc. – and you can watch everything from the latest releases to the classics, almost everything is here.

Please be aware that using Popcorn Time and similar applications might be illegal depending on which country you reside in. The content is almost exclusively copyright protected material that is being shared without the rightful owners permission and downloading as well as sharing it is most likely a violation of said copyright. If you still decide to make use of the applications described here you do so at your own risk.

How does Popcorn Time work?

At the core of Popcorn Time you find the bittorrent protocol which makes it possible for users to share files over the internet. This is also known P2P file sharing which is short for peer-to-peer.The bittorrent protocol was invented in 2001 and has evolved to being the most used method for file transfer.

Before Popcorn Time and similar applications, users wanting to download video files using the protocol had to install a bittorrent downloader and then go to websites such as The Pirate Bay to search for and download torrent files that subsequently could be opened by the downloader. The torrent file doesn’t contain any of the wanted video file but only tells the downloader what to download from other users sharing it.

Finding the right torrent file to download can be an art in itself as it’s quite common to find several sources for the same movie or episode. Experienced torrent downloaders know what to look for to successfully download the video file in the desired quality at high download rates. For the unexperienced user it’s a hit or miss approach where one can easily download something in terrible quality and wait ages for the download to finish.

Popcorn Time uses the brilliant but until now not very user friendly Bittorrent protocol for P2P file transfer.

Not until fully downloaded the file can be played on a computer or a TV using a suitable media player. The process is further complicated if the viewer wants subtitles as they have to be downloaded manually from subtitle websites.

The bittorrent protocol is brilliant and once you get the hang of it the process becomes quite easy but it has always been quite cumbersome and thus mostly used by people otherwise experienced with computers and IT. Many have simple been thrown off by the somewhat complicated process which has prevented torrent downloads from truly reaching the masses.

Popcorn Time has streamlined torrenting

Popcorn Time has taken the process of searching for, downloading and watching a video file and streamlined it tremendously in to the applications you see today where it’s simpler than ever.

Information is “harvested” from popular torrent indexing sites (EZTV.it and YTS.to) and displayed in user friendly menus showing not only what’s available to watch but also provides options for subtitles and quality as well as descriptions and ratings.

A single click or tap on “Watch Now” starts the download and shortly after – when the download speed is sufficient for a smooth viewing experience – playback begins. Once playing you’ll find common playback options such as pause, resume, search etc., just like you would in any paid (and legal) video streaming service. The process of searching for, downloading and watching video files with torrents has thus been simplified so much by Popcorn time that anybody can do it.

While you’re watching the video you also become part of the P2P network by offering other users to download the parts of the file that you have downloaded. Once the application is closed all downloaded files are deleted from the hard drive (can be toggled on and off) and the sharing stops.

The applications are available for a wide variety of operating systems and can thus be installed on almost every kind of unit. Popcorn Time can be downloaded for Windows, OS X (Mac), Linux, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Popcorn Time has streamlined torrent downloading to a point where anybody can do it.

Popcorn Time clones

Popcorn Time is such a brilliant idea that several clones/copies and other heavily inspired applications have been developed. All were initially copies of the original concept but have since evolved in different directions each with their own set of benefits and flaws. You can learn more about the various Popcorn Time clones in the download section.

Get Popcorn Time for any device

Popcorn Time is available to all of the most popular devices and platforms such as PC versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and there’s of course also Popcorn Time apps for bothAndroid and iOS (iPad, iPhone etc).

Frequently asked questions about Popcorn Time

The same few questions come up time and again regarding Popcorn Time. You won’t find answers to everything but you might get lucky if you visit the FAQ. Please feel free to ask any Popcorn Time related question in the comments.

Another option is to ask the question on out unofficial Popcorn Time G+ community, where users are welcome to ask about and discuss anything Popcorn Time related.

Use Popcorn Time with Chromecast or AirPlay (with Apple TV)

Popcorn Time supports both Chromecast and AirPlay making it very easy to wirelessly “beam” playback from your device (PC, smartphone or tablet) to a TV screen by a single click of a button.

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